Västerås, Sweden: Inspiring Small Business Owners. Why LinkedIn for Business?

I think we have known each other long enough now for me to be honest with you, yes?

I do NOT feel that Facebook is for dinosaurs, do YOU??!! 😂

There has been a new found pep in my step since this whole CV-19 came into our lives and I not only have a vested interest in SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS succeeding at this time but I care very much about the welfare of humanity as a whole.

In order for me to get out of my own head and get some focus and creative juices flowing, I decided I wanted to LIFT UP some of my local business owners that are doing cool things to STILL BRING IN BUSINESS.

I love collaborating with and being inspired by people who ARE the difference this world needs right now. What about YOU?

Therese Eriksson is an award winning film maker and videographer that sees the value in providing CONTENT via VIDEO for business owners. Specifically on LinkedIn and something called TikTok (showing my age here, for sure!).

If you have a bit of time, grab a cup of something yummy, sit back and watch the entire video.

Then let me know what YOU are doing to be creative right now. This is the time for us to CREATE together! Lift EACH OTHERS spirits.

Stay HOME, STAY HEALTHY, be smart and SHARE what you are doing to have some fun while STILL doing business!

God knows we can ALL use some inspiration and laughs right now.

Virtual love from Sweden!

Video Creation and Editing: Therese Eriksson with Tuss Media (obviously not my handywork!). 🤩