Are you ready to unlock the untamed you?

Do you feel it?

That unsettled feeling of KNOWING there is more inside of you.

Are you ready to unlearn old social programming?

Are you finally ready to unlock the untamed you?

Then let me help set you free.

“God doesn’t put two people together to only help one”. Maureen Muldoon

Help me, help you.

This becomes a win-win. How so?

You fly and I certify. 😁

You get to do something for YOURSELF for a change (self care is typically low on your list) and I get to coach 2 more people so that I can meet all of my certification hours towards becoming a Business + Money Mindset Coach on time.

You see how it becomes a win-win?

My goal is to have all hours completed by March 31st 2020 (4 days from now) and I am only short by 1 hour!

This offer is right for you if:
You are courageous. You are hungry for change.
You are ready to be coached. You are willing to be coached. And you are able to be coached.

Time: 30 minute session (we will meet virtually on Skype or Zoom)

Investment: I will leave that up to you and your heart to decide but it is not permitted to be free of charge (certification rules)

So, summary of needs:
2 people, 30 minutes, you need to be able to pay (what you feel is on your heart) for your session.

First come, first served.

PM me with questions or to book your time. Remember, we only have 4 days.

I open my heart for you in order for you to open your heart for me.

“We belong to each other”. -Glennon Doyle