9 years ago today…

April 6th 2020

9 years ago today, Steve and I moved across the Atlantic to start our new adventure in Sweden! 🇸🇪 ❤️

And what an adventure it has been!

People often ask why would I want to leave the US to come back to Sweden (usually asked by a Swede). If I moved to the US when I was 5, why would I leave America as a 43 year old?!

Because I had to. Sweden had always called to me. I knew I was coming back. I always knew.

As life would have it, I had the window of opportunity in 2009.

Within 2 years of seeing myself living back in Sweden, I made the leap.

Reverse engineered the entire move, became laser focused and stayed the course.

In order to move across the world there’s a ‘bit’ of planning, strategy, A LOT lot of paperwork and even more emotional support needed than I anticipated.

I had so many beautiful friends lifting me up when it got tough, the thought of ‘leaving it all’ and starting over. Just me and Steve and our luggage.

Leaving my mom, that was the hardest thing.

Fast forward to today.

I have so many beautiful new friendships, my family has grown even larger 🙂, I have learned a new way of life (this old dog CAN learn new tricks. We all can if we want to), I have the career of my dreams, I have grown into the woman I wanted to become.

Thomas and I married (he was my childhood classmate), we live a beautiful, harmonious and simple life (now with Elvis 🐈, may Steve rest in peace).

I speak with my mom every day via Messenger. And usually she comes to Sweden for 3 months every summer (not this year, of course).

I miss my family and friends from the US daily and I am more thankful than ever for the technology that keeps US ALL close today… to be able to communicate openly and safely during these COVID-19 times.

Thank you to all of you who have loved and supported me in my quest to live my dreams.

If you have a dream of doing something completely different. If you have a wish to live your life somewhere else. If you have a call or a pull or a nudge, that’s your soul talking.

Please don’t squelch your soul.

Get still. Go within and listen to what it is you REALLY want.

No dream is too big. 🙂 You too can do the impossible.

With love,