I am officially a Certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach! Woohoo!

🤓I’ve been a little busy ‘behind the scenes’ lately fine tuning and niching my beautiful, soul centered coaching business. 🤓

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know I have a deep longing to learn more, to be more and to do better.

I honestly believe I can always improve upon myself and then in turn use that knowledge to serve others, more specifically YOU. #dreamcareer

So, without further adieu … I have the pleasure to present to you….

🤜 I am now OFFICIALLY a CERTIFIED Business and Money Mindset Coach for Female Entrepreneurs 🤛

There are so many fantastic heart centered STRONG soul sisters out there running FABULOUS businesses all around the world and I want to lift you all up!! Lofty goals, I know, but that’s never stopped me before! 😊

🦚 Do you want to re-vamp what you have created?
🦚 Is it your time to start a business? (#thetimeisnow)
🦚 Do you want to look at your current products and offerings and see about eliminating or adding new exciting things?
🦚 How are you pricing your products and offerings? If you haven’t increased your fees any time lately (or at all) we need to talk.
🦚 Do you want to pivot your business all together?

Every journey starts with one step …

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Åsa 🇸🇪💝

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P.P.S. I still offer Life Coaching packages to non-business owners so if you need me to SEE, HEAR and HOLD SPACE for you, you can always reach me. 🙏