May 2020

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Yes, please!

Accepting our own space right now

Remaining present in the day, meditating, talking with friends and family from afar, staying in contact, taking it ALL in, feeling your feelings even when they get painful and ugly… seeing and FEELING that we are a part of something bigger. THANK YOU for sharing these thoughts with me on how you have been coping,

MONEY: Learning, saving, investing. How can we understand more? Start with No More Shame!

It’s time to start asking some questions, ladies! Tell me how you feel about this. I, for one, can not stand when someone else knows more about my money than I do. I commit to not be embarrassed to ask questions about MY MONEY any more. Yes, its true. I don’t like owing anyone any

What are you ‘chasing’ in your life right now?

Friday thoughts… What are you ‘chasing’ after in your life right now? Feel free to listen to what I have going on in my mind and share what’s going on in yours. ❣️ Together we rise. XO Åsa  

My first ever podcast interview for Sunday Stories with Fahrim Shirinzade

Alright gorgeous folks. The podcast is now available for your hearing pleasure! I also want to help Fahrim Shirinzade grow his listener base all around the world. His weekly shows are always done in English so please SHARE this with your network of friends so that they too can start listening to his weekly shows and help

“What if… “