Accepting our own space right now

Remaining present in the day, meditating, talking with friends and family from afar, staying in contact, taking it ALL in, feeling your feelings even when they get painful and ugly… seeing and FEELING that we are a part of something bigger.

THANK YOU for sharing these thoughts with me on how you have been coping, surviving and (for some) even thriving during these Covid-19 times.

I have also heard that you are feeling shame and guilt about the feeling that potentially something better will come out on the other side of this.

Can we come out of this time in our world with our heads still screwed on straight EVEN THOUGH there are moments of fear and scarcity?


We have to accept where the world is right now and TRUST the process. Uncertainty is guaranteed in our lives.

The question we CAN ask ourselves (when we quiet our mind) is AM I SHOWING UP in integrity right now?

Whatever that means for you! And it looks different for everyone because everyone has their own viewpoints on what is important for them.

Less judgement. Less hate. Less fear. Less anxiety.

More acceptance. More love. More air to breathe in. More quiet. Training my mind to think and see things from another perspective.

Am I learning what I need to learn and then shutting the outside noise out so I can focus and take care of my own heart, my soul and my own nerves so that I can serve you and the world at my highest possible level? I have to trust the process right now and I definitely choose peace.

“We love courage because we are cowards.” – Per Holknekt

I don’t believe we are cowards at all. I believe we are fierce warriors wanting to STEP UP and OUT of our current situation and take charge over our own lives and we are looking for ROLE MODELS! WE ARE BEING COURAGEOUS!!

Imagine if YOU are being looked at as a role model right now? How would you show up differently? And what would you have to believe about yourself for that to be true?