Time for your Mid-Year Business Reflection

It is June 17th as I write this blog post and it’s one month till my 53rd birthday, just so you know. 🙂 Presents are always welcome.

Also, this week 3 years ago I started my own business! Goodness! Hindsight is 20/20. Interesting, it is 2020! HA!

So, 1+2 quarter 2020 – WHOA!!! So much has happened. I had great hopes for a super exciting year but this has certainly exceeded my expectations!

Since we are half way into the year it’s a good time to do your Mid Year Business Reflection. Don’t jump over this. It’s important to pull your head up and look at what you were thinking was going to happen versus what actually IS happening.

  • Did you write down any goals or plans for your business for this year? If not, do so now.
  • Where are you with your numbers, are you on track, behind, ahead?
  • What are you offering, packages, programs, products? How have you shifted with the times?
  • How are you keeping up with YOURSELF and realigning and speaking up for and using your AUTHENTIC voice in this day and age?
  • Are you speaking with and listening to your clients ? Are you paying attention to their needs and their wants and updating your product and services accordingly or are you being tone deaf and moving right along based on what you’ve always done?

Some things to think about:

Covid-19 is STILL amongst us. This is not the time to get lazy or impatient to hurry and get back with our “normal” lives. We still have to socially distance, keep our hands clean, and remain vigilant of ours and others health.

We have a lot more change coming up in November with the election season for the U.S. Presidency as well. I can see that there is going to be a hot mess of craziness going to be happening around the world in the late Fall.

Mercury is in retrograde (as of tomorrow June 18th) till July 12th and that means even more mis-communication is possible. This is the time for making amends for communication problems that have arisen.

What can you do right now:

Focus on the next 60-90 days. What you do today sets you up for 60-90 days from now in your business. How are you using this time?

Build, nurture, retain GOOD healthy, loving relationships.

It’s super important to keep good company! Think about who you surround yourself with. Watch who and what you listen to.

Watch how you are spending money. Watch how you are investing in the markets right now. Watch how you are using credit cards and keeping up with your savings accounts and debts. Stay low.

Extra important right now to keep expenses as lean as possible so you can ensure having as much money available as you possibly can if you need access to it. Especially since we don’t know what can transpire with the US elections.

These are some interesting times, dear heart. Being aware of the real world and being patient and keeping expenses as low as possible, staying healthy and focused and keep your loved ones close at hand.

Remember as Suze Orman says, “‘I’ts better to do nothing than something you do not understand.” If you need help, ask for help.

Ask yourself if you WANT something or if you NEED something (new car, new house, new whatever). This is not the time.

Keep the faith and keep your head on a swivel for people that need your help or who can’t help themselves.

It is incumbent upon us who know better to do better.

TOGETHER we rise.