I think my ‘table’ has already arrived. Can you show me to them, please?

This Friday I celebrate my 53rd birthday. July 17th.

Is it crazy that I still question if I am making a big enough impact in this world?

Am I in the right place? Am I feeling lit up? Am I creating the kind of shift I wanted to be making in my LIFE (let alone my career choice)?

I am pulled and drawn to make a larger impact in this world, for sure. Larger than what I am doing now. And I need help.

I know so deeply inside of me that I want every woman to see that she is invited to show up at the table. To wear anything she wants, looking however she wants. She is asked to take part in the conversation, asked to be a part of an open dialogue, to bring her points of view, to be lovingly held in her grandeur as a fire spirit, to be loved, respected, graciously accepted into a glorious community of other happy and evolved women. #themindsofthemasters

Wait! That’s what I want too! Yes, I also want this!

It’s not just for everyone else, I also want to be invited and included at the table.

Is there a spot for me? Can I find the table? I hear the calling in my heart from afar… a call to show and experience my innermost vulnerable self.

The woman who wants it all. Why not? Why can’t I have it all? Why can’t YOU?

That’s just it. We can. It’s only us holding us back.

Our own limited thoughts.

I am so ready to remember that I AM unlimited. What about you?

This is where we can help each other.

I am yearning for connection with other deep, soulful, incredible women … on a much deeper level … the kind of level where there is no return. The kind I have experienced a few times in my life already, luckily, blissfully and thankfully. This is how I know it exists.

I have lived it.

What about you? Do you want this type of connection, openness, freedom and fire in your life as well?

If so, reach out to me and let’s start a conversation because 54 is not going to look like 53.


Are you in, sister?