Quiet, solitude and KonMari Method – Round 2!

So if I am being completely honest … I am LOVING the quiet this summer has brought me so far.

I know I ‘should’ be sad or feeling like I am missing out on something because I can’t fly to the US or to Italy or wherever but I am not. As a matter of fact, I feel like a fish in water with being so close to home.

Ha, fitting for a Cancer girl.

Our home is my castle. I am at peace being here.

One of my best friends, he has moved multiple times in his life and he can have 3 things to bring with him and he is fine. He will get rid of all of his belongings and start over. From scratch.

I can’t even imagine that! I am not doing that unless there is a fire in my home and all is lost. Even then I would probably try to rescue my stuff and live with the smell of smoke for years to come (I am not joking).

The belongings that I keep have deep meaning for me. Things that I have inherited or been given by loved ones, they all have a special place in my heart. Sure, it can easily become ‘too much’ and then I start coming out of my skin because I feel closed in with too many belongings and that’s why it’s important for me to recognize when the balance is off.

And … the balance is off.

Right now, I am living with belongings from 3 homes in 1 … my husbands, mine and my moms family home which we sold in October. That whole transaction was super overwhelming for me and it was up to me to take the belongings that we didn’t want to donate out or get rid of to our personal home. Naturally, I was going to take them but where would they fit?

Seriously. Its time for ROUND 2 of the Kon Mari Method.

Out of sight out of mind, right? When the 3rd house arrived,  I literally shoved all of it behind doors and have been avoiding those doors for 8 months. The time to clear that stuff up is N.O.W.

COVID granted us all permission to stay home, and I have given myself permission to enjoy the clean out process.

To not work on or in my business.  To not think about much of anything and by methodically touching everything and seeing what we have and what we won’t want, I have calmed myself back down. I wasn’t even aware how revved up I was.

I want to give myself the opportunity to miss my business and my work and if I don’t step outside of it, how can I miss it?

I need time to myself.
I want to feel the space around me.
I want to breathe freely.
I want to hear my spirit speaking to me.
I want to BE and not think about my business and work all the time.
I have the right to be myself and be by myself.

So do you.

Should we feel guilty? Are we shitty business owners because we actively choose to take care of ourselves too? Nope.

We are smart business owners.  We can’t take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves first.

So, dear heart, is your balance off? Are you filling your cup with things YOU love? How are you meeting your own needs right now?