August 2020

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Video of a Case Study: Money Breakthrough Business Coaching, Intensive

Have you ever created a CASE STUDY in your business? Here is an example of one that @thereseeriksson and I created after her she completed her Business Coaching Package with me (video credit goes completely to Therese). The purpose of a case study: To capture where the client was when they started working with you,

Risk – take some and pass it on.

“Maybe there’s more on the inside than there is on the outside. Go on a journey within.” – Kern Frost In my humble opinion, the most gratifying work you will ever do is the work you do to find yourself. If you want more from your life and you are tired of being tired then

“6 Action Steps to Clearing your Money Clutter” Audio

Money Clutter. Just those two words make me shudder.  Here is an audio training I recorded for you to listen to: “6 Action Steps to Clearing Your Money Clutter” Hope these tips are useful. Share with me which one you definitely need to work on FIRST! Take action on it TODAY! Mine was getting my

Daddy’s girl

Yesterday was the 15 year anniversary of my father’s passing. Every year I have to do the math because it seems like it was so much more recent that he died. As a matter of fact it seems like it was yesterday. Have you experienced death? Have you been present at the time a person

Ladies- Do you have your own KNIPPLE?

Women and Money KNIPPLE What a glorious term! I was introduced to it last weekend by my best friend who was telling me about 2 of his hair dressing friends that save a large percentage of their tips in their “knipple”. I had to ask him for clarification 3 times before I understood he wasn’t

Women and Money: Are you living with your head in the sand?

Women and Money This topic is a hot potato and I love me a hot potato! Literally and figuratively. I am a Swede, after all! 🙂 I have shared my money shame story with you already … how I had “woken up” to myself and my ex-husband living in a ton of credit card debt