Ladies- Do you have your own KNIPPLE?

Women and Money


What a glorious term! I was introduced to it last weekend by my best friend who was telling me about 2 of his hair dressing friends that save a large percentage of their tips in their “knipple”.

I had to ask him for clarification 3 times before I understood he wasn’t saying another term wrong but in fact this was in itself its own term.

How can I be 53 years old and NEVER have heard this gorgeous term before?!?

Pronounced KAHHHHHH-NIPPLE. Oh yeah. This word is now mine. I take full ownership of it.

Because I love to share let me give you the low down.

A KNIPPLE (there, I said it again, HA) was defined to me as this: “My sister got that saying from an elder Jewish lady that use to come in a salon she worked at she used to say every woman should have themselves a kanipple (not sure of spelling looks good enough 😬) meaning a stash of cash for her that no one else needs to know about for a feeling of independence.”

I also asked a Jewish friend of mine that is deeply entrenched in all Yiddish terms and she had not heard of my new word but she had heard of a “schtuup account” or “schtuup money”. Good enough for me but of course I will run with KNIPPLE because of the way it rolls off the tongue. You agree?

Anywho… this is what I believe.

There is never a good time to lie to your spouse or to your significant other about money but I do believe that every person deserves to have the right to some of their own money. Even if its a few hundred dollars, its not the amount that matters. Its the POINT of the matter of knowing you have something of your own if you want to buy yourself or someone else a treat and you don’t have to go asking for permission of someone else.

These are all warning triggers from my childhood around money. This girl does NOT like asking for permission to spend money as that is exactly what I grew up with… my mom having to ask my father for some money to buy extra food for the household or to do ANYTHING for the 5 kids since he was the only person that had the check book.

Oh, no-no-boo-boo.

This, my friend, is called an ancestral pattern that was going to STOP RIGHT HERE WITH ME.

The positive side of this memory is that I am now a super confident woman around money because of what I watched and learned growing up. The negative side is that I became fairly stubborn around money matters and wanting to understand as much as I could so that I wouldn’t be reliant on a man to teach me or “take care of me” financially.

I like to share and I like to be able to help people when I see a need and not ask anyone else for permission so it appears I have always had my own knipple. Who knew?!

Do you keep a stash of money for yourself? A “just in case” fund? I would love to hear!!

I found this article on the subject when I was searching how to spell KNIPPLE :)… read if you would like: