Video of a Case Study: Money Breakthrough Business Coaching, Intensive

Have you ever created a CASE STUDY in your business?
Here is an example of one that @thereseeriksson and I created after her she completed her Business Coaching Package with me (video credit goes completely to Therese).
The purpose of a case study: To capture where the client was when they started working with you, how they experienced the program while working with you and then how they felt after completion. After a while, you will circle back and do a check-in to see what results they have achieved (phase II).
Summary of this Coaching Package (intensive):
– 33 hours of coaching over 9 sessions
– Training included: Money Mindset, Branding with Archetypes, Niche, Signature System, Packages, How to Charge What Your Worth, and Signing on Clients.
Who would want to go through a package like this: A business owner that wants to look at all of these pieces of their business, to do a review, a reset or even a complete DO OVER #permissiongranted.
You CAN do that, you know. You don’t have to keep doing what you’ve been doing simply because you’ve always done it.
If the dream of running your own business has become not so dreamy any more, please DON’T CHECK OUT! Instead, let’s do a check-in, together.
Yours in service,