The Practice by Seth Godin


The Practice, Seth Godin’s newest book available now.

I love Seth Godin. If you haven’t heard of him or any of his work, go check him out at
Check out his blog too, or read any of his 20 best selling books! He’s very simple to understand, deep yet relatable, to the point, not showy and super chill.
While listening to this interview with Marie Forleo, I had to question myself and where am I hiding right now. WHY am I hiding right now? Where do I let myself ‘off the hook’ because I inherently don’t want to be seen.
I have at least 3 different answers here.
Am I showing up and doing ‘the work’ consistently EVEN WHEN I don’t get feedback or if I don’t FEEL LIKE DOING IT? I never know what is going to make a difference to someone else who reads and who listens to me. So am I doing them an injustice by not showing up? Is that enough of a concern for me to do the work?

The reminder to ‘keep up the practice’ was good for me.

Do you need to hear that right now too? Where are you skimping or getting lazy?

Keeping up my practice of writing even if it sucks and I hear crickets. The only way to get better is to practice. That’s for me.

“What I am arguing for here is not perfection”. Me neither, Seth, me neither.

“You have everything you need to make magic. You always have. Go make a ruckus”. – Seth

Anyone else up for causing some ruckus together??!! 🙂

Click below to watch Marie Forleo interviewing Seth Godin on his latest book, The Practice.

Let me know your favourite parts.