Showing up Unapologetically

🔥 Living your whole truth 🔥

Goodness, how long has it taken for me to recognize that I only show up as half of myself?

Why do I do this?

Because of the discomfort that I believe I will create in YOU by me showing up 100% as Åsa!

Seriously. How ridiculous is that??! 🙄

Get over yourself, Åsa. No one is paying as much attention to you as you think they are! 😁 You know that’s the truth!

So because I have an issue with making sure I maintain the peace and I need to make sure that everyone and everything is in harmony around me (I am a natural mediator, #2 Life Path in Numerology) I end up showing up as HALF of myself…. in my own life, in my business and with YOU.

This has taken me 53+ years to understand.

(Proof that it is NEVER too late to change your story. If I can discover this about myself at this age, you can too).

So what happens on the back end of this little story I tell myself?

If I only have calmness and harmony around me, that means the FIRE that rules me is squelched and I don’t live MY life FULL OUT.

That in turn means I don’t give YOU my fire when YOU need it.

And that’s just unfair now that I look at it.

So you know… I am not JUST for PEACE and HARMONY… I am also ALL for PASSION/ FIRE. I am for LOVE. I am for TRUTH. I am for PERSONAL FREEDOM. I am for FAIRNESS. I am for EQUALITY. I am for COLLABORATION and COMMUNITY. I am ALL for connecting to my INTUITION.


Can I have it all? Can I be it all?

A balanced Åsa using ALL of her glorious sides is a happy Åsa.

That also, in turn, makes a happy client because I am giving her EXACTLY what SHE needs. All of me… all sides of me.

Especially my intuitive, deep, connected to Source, soulful side.

Talk about a side I have been hiding from the world.

For years!

Again, all because I am trying not to make others (potentially total strangers) uncomfortable.

You seeing this???

So, instead I would rather make MYSELF uncomfortable???

So bloody stupid.

Who am I hiding from? What am I waiting for?

How can I live a life of example, leaving my legacy when it truly isn’t even a full picture of who I am?

Suit up ladies, this party is about to get started. 😎

Is it getting hot in here?? 💪 🔥


Showing up unapologetically.