A love note …

❣ A love note from my beautiful, amazingly talented client. ❣
“Can I tell you how much I enjoy our time together!!??? You are AMAZING…so fortunate to have met you and I look forward to our future sessions together.”
Sweet soul, you make me blush. 😊
See? This is what happens when you are in love with your own business and you know what it is you are doing and more importantly WHY you are doing it…
I too had a dream…
I created my life coaching business (nearly 4 years ago now!!!) with love in my heart.
Love FOR the client that I knew would be sitting in front of me sharing her deepest story. Her deepest vulnerabilities and hopes. #intimacy #intomesee
I wanted to help my clients understand and see herself from a deeper perspective. A bigger, more important place than just the top, surface level.
My client is not defined by her ‘place’ in society, her work, her previous decisions, her current financial situation, her familial history, or even her spouse, partner or children.
My client learns that SHE defines herself.
Only her.
Could I create a business where I could connect with her from a deep, visceral place so she could have clarity and a deep soul connection to her OWN life (let alone her business)?
Could I create the type of environment where she knew she would unabashedly ‘go there’? Say whatever the hell she wanted and know her secrets and dreams were safe and held deeply revered.
Could I create that safe, non judgemental cozy retreat for her to show up as 100% her ‘self’ … no filters, makeup, gloss to cover up the true beauty of her own soul.
Yes, I could and I did.