Are you in debt?

So, I’ve been at this thing called entrepreneurship for a while now and sometimes it takes a short time for clients to see results and sometimes it takes a little longer.
Remember, results vary because each client is an individual and we take in things in our own way and apply things as we are able.
This client took longer because she had a lot of debt that she needed to re-organize.
She needed to create a plan for how her life was going to look while this debt was getting cleared out and she needed to make a commitment to herself AND get a commitment from her family on how things needed to look during the process and afterwards. #couragetochange
 All things come in due time… have patience. 🙏
With pride and honour in herself, after 3 years, she and her family can now see the forest through the trees! #talkaboutcommitment
 💪 Financial freedom is not to be taken lightly. It can literally change your life! 💪
If you or anyone you know has a big debt or are ignoring big debt and just going about your life in la-la-land thinking this will disappear, it will not. #ignoranceisnotbliss
Here are some tips I want to share with you but first I want you to know, you CAN change this. You have to get courageous, ask for help and be willing to do something different.
📍 Get all of your numbers together. I mean EVERYTHING. Don’t leave anything out. You’re fooling no one.
📍 Meet with someone to discuss your current situation (coach, friend, accountability buddy). Facing this head on will start the process towards change.
📍 Make a detailed plan of how YOU want your future to look
📍 Contact ALL creditors to let them know you are interested in making a payment plan (this REALLY does make a difference. The bank WANTS to know you are working on it). Ask them about lowering interest rates (credit card), ask them to waive late fees (you never know if you don’t ask) and ask if they will consider combining balances into one card at a lower interest rate so you can save money on interest AND pay them in one bill.
📍 Do the work to figure out WHY you put yourself in this situation in the first place so you don’t find yourself in this place again #moneyblocks
📍 Create a budget for yourself and your family ( is a resource you can look up). Your money needs to be assigned a job and a place to go so you can get your bills paid off or down as quickly as possible.
 Knowing what you have coming in and what you have going out every month, I mean truly knowing these numbers, will make a tremendous difference in your life. Just starting with THAT will create a big shift and you will gain confidence in getting yourself out of a situation you do not want to be in anymore.
Be brave!
Jessica’s story can be your story too…
“When you feel like you have more questions than answers, it’s time to reach out for some guidance. I found myself completely lost and with Åsa’s love, wisdom and guidance I ended up on the right track. I knew what I needed to do, I just didn’t know how and when to start. After 3 years I have my shit together and I have learned so much about myself and how to organise my life.
I couldn’t be more thankful ” ❤ – Jessica H.