Valentine’s Day – Mini VIP Day Offer

Dear Valentine,
If you are thinking of starting your own business (from scratch), or have already started one, and you want to spend some valuable time …
  • re-viewing
  • re-assessing
  • re-prioritizing
… with a creative gal that has an eye for details, getting to the root of all things important, skills around creating systems and a DEEP knowing of what comes first in your business (HINT: it’s YOU) …
… then TREAT yourself to this 3,5 hour Mini VIP VALENTINE’S DAY offer (Private Session). #ItsAllAboutYou
Investing in yourself + your business planning TODAY will not only help you save …
  •  time
  •  money
  •  energy
… it will give you PEACE OF MIND and PRIDE when putting yourself and your WELL THOUGHT OUT business to market.
Your time is now and I am the person to help you.
“Asa opened my eyes and my mind to ways to finally live the life I truly desire, the life I see in my dreams, not the life I think I “should” be living. She helped me embrace my quirkiness instead of loathe it. And we talked a great deal about comparison, negative self talk, and what my dreams really involve. Asa blew me away with her wisdom, her knowledge, and her understanding. – Angela
Do you want to feel like Angela? Then send me a PM or email me at and we will get you booked in.
P.S. I am only opening this up for 4 passionate and READY individuals so first come, first served. Quick sticks, in other words! �
P.P.S. Feel free to SHARE this post with your friends who are thinking of starting their own businesses or already have one. Thank you and I appreciate it!
P.P.P.S. Should I just write another post? HA! OK, this offer expires February 28th 2021. So ya’ know!

Mini VIP Day 3,5 hours. virtual, private session.