The art of saying NO without the 98 excuses

Are you treating your TIME as the precious commodity that it is?
Being available to meet with everyone that asks for your time can prove to be daunting, I get it. #recoveringpeoplepleaser
Especially when you have a business to run.
So many people wanting to get in front of you to sell their wares, products, services.
And you feel like you might miss out or you are worried about hurting someone’s feelings if you say no.
When being asked to spend your PRECIOUS TIME with someone, ask yourself this question first:
✨ “Does this directly support me in building my business right now”? ✨
You staying the course and continuing to be diligent with your energy, effort, money and TIME will come back to you tenfold in your life AND business. I promise!
And if you need some help with an emphatic one liner that you can use when you JUST WANT TO SAY NO but don’t know how to say it with love and finality… here you go. Watch the video (Elvis wanted to say HI).
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