March 2021

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Yes, please!

Whoa, Nellie Oleson!! (and I never knew she spelled her last name like that!)

WHOA NELLIE OLESON! 5 days till Q2! Are you sliding or gliding into April? 2021 is the year we can CHOOSE to create alignment and to take agency over our lives and businesses. I also feel it’s HIGH time we start having some more fun and getting back to being creative in our businesses! Let

What a testimonial!! I love my career!!

With clients like this…. how can I NOT love what I do?! Thank you Thais, I am honoured! Making a difference one inspiring business woman at a time. #tinyyetmightybusinessmodel If you are thinking of starting your own business or have already done so and want to talk through, clarify, refine or even define your thoughts

“When you compromise and you fail, it hurts even more”

“When you compromise and you fail, it hurts even more” – Jim Carrey The point of this story comes from his father who wanted more for himself musically but signed up to be an accountant because he had a family to tend to and he couldn’t take the risk. He ended up getting fired from