Luck just seems to follow me everywhere…

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world.
And the interesting thing is, the more I recognize how lucky I am, the luckier I become. 🤓 Interesting, right?
Working alongside GEMS like Mary Carangelo is one of my biggest highlights of 2021 so far.
Allow me to share her experience with you…
“When I first met Asa, I knew she was the business coach for me! Her authenticity, relatability, and no nonsense approach was what I was looking for; so I hired her!
It was an investment that I was happy to make and knew that my business would feel the ripple effects of our work together for years to come.
She challenged my thinking and helped me to gain clarity, crystallized my goals and developed an action plan that supported my audacious dreams of rebranding myself as a Fashion Therapist.
I particularly enjoyed the questionnaire to discover my Brand Archetypes and Brand Colours. The results gave me direction and a structure to use as I developed a logo and verbiage for my launch.
Part of her coaching involved critiquing videos of my presentations. Her thorough evaluation and valuable advice helped me to rethink, clarify and reform some of the content. She challenged me to be better; a better version of myself and a better version of my business!
As a result of our time together, I feel more confident in my ability to succeed, a new understanding of my strengths and know that I have the tools to stretch and grow. I appreciated her honesty and know that my goals were always at the forefront of every conversation.
I would highly recommend Asa to anyone who would like to gain clarity, build confidence and up level their business to a place that surpasses even their wildest dreams.” – Mary Carangelo
I am walking on air … thank you Mary! 🙏
If you are interested in creating something new and exciting in your life and/ or business, then please reach out to me.
Every relationship starts with one person taking the lead… let it be you.

One happy client. Coaching a Fashion Therapist into her new vision of her business.