“If not now, then when? ” 90 day coaching program

Happy Wednesday Gorgeous!
My new 90 day one on one PRIVATE life coaching program is launching on May 1st and there’s a spot with YOUR name on it!
This is for the woman who is in her BEST YEARS and is ready to get VESTED in herself by INVESTING in herself. 🤩
If you have been taking care of everyone else for yeeeaaars and you are at the point now that you WANT to look at yourself and what YOU want for the REST of your best years … then consider this….
… there is nothing comfortable about the comfort zone, darlin’… only familiarity.
And more times than not, that familiarity breeds boredom and a lax outlook on our greatest treasure … our own life.
If you are not FIRED UP about your day or what your future is looking like, then toots, it is HIGH TIME we get to work.
Ask yourself, “What is making me uncomfortable right now?”
Is it something you can change? Is it something you WANT to change?
Let’s stack the opportunities ahead of you in YOUR favour and get to it … let’s make it fun and keep it light and you DO need to be ready for change.
Because you will change.
For the better.
(This program is NOT for the gal that is a finger pointer and no accountability taker. Nope, need not apply. Mmmmkay? Thanks in advance.) 🙄
Remember, if this is for you, you will know it. Trust yourself and your intuition RIGHT NOW. Our bodies don’t lie to us. Only we lie to us.
PM me to start a conversation. I don’t bite, I promise.

90 day life coaching program for the woman in her best years who wants to dictate how her future is going to look versus staying stuck in familiarity.