How’s that COMPARISONITIS coming along?

Happy Spring Gorgeous!
(Challenge: I am going to write an entire post without any emojis. This might get tough).
It feels like I am slowly coming out of the thaw and I was reminded that I haven’t shown up much here on my BLOG page.
Don’t know about you but I’ve been working and keeping myself OFF social media as much as possible due to the fact that far too much of my day was spent scrolling under the guise of “research” for my business.
At least that’s the story I was telling myself.
All it did was prove to make me feel bad about myself and want to ‘show up’ less and less.
To be frank (or Åsa, ha), it made my light go dimmer and dimmer.
So I needed to take a step back.
What have I found happening in my life and business since stepping back?
I actually did better work.
I became more aligned with how I wanted to show up in the world, not comparing myself to how everyone else was doing it better than I was (comparisonitis is REAL and useless).
It gave me the opportunity to also create my 90 Day private Life Coaching experience for my clients that are struggling with making their own heart sing after taking care of everyone else for yeaaaars.
It’s never too late, dear heart. Never.
The offer truly reflects me with all my quirkiness. And who knew that was something people actually appreciated about me?!
Cause God knows, I’ve got me some quirks!!
So tell me, sweet love… how can I best support you in your life right now?
How can I show up for you and give you the space you need to find your way back to YOU?
Wherever you are today, know this….
You ARE in the BEST PHASE of your life RIGHT NOW.
Its nothing that is going to happen TO you as you get older.
THINGS don’t change. YOU change.
You shift. You take different actions. You dream. You make it happen.
THAT’s how life changes.
I’ll say it again.
You change.
So, how can I show up for you in a way that you need from me?
It only starts with you taking the ball into your hands.
And if YOU feel like I felt with comparing yourself to others and feeling bad about yourself when you are on social media channels, THEN STOP AND CLEAN IT UP.
Remove people that make you feel bad about yourself.
Remove people that don’t speak your love language.
Remove people that do not lift you.
If they aren’t part of your solution then they are a part of your problem. Yes?
Yours in service,
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