How does my CAT know how to get what he wants better than I do!?

Happy Friday Gorgeous!

The all knowing cat

The cat that knows what he wants.

Elvis, the King, is giving me the stare down as I write this since he wants something.

Presumably it’s food. Again. Or to go outside. For the 100th time today.

This is a cat that knows what he wants. Seriously. He has no qualms about standing right in front of me, or walking over my computer keys, or sitting on my papers so I can’t read what I need to read until he gets what he wants.

Now … I can learn something from that behaviour. He knows what he wants and he GETS what he wants. Primarily because I can’t take it any more and I give in.

Hmmm, I wonder who’s the boss in this family.

How do you learn best? How and when do you grow as a person the most?

Personally mine is from watching others and seeing how I react on the inside based on what I see happening. I have started checking in with my intuition so much more these past few years and I am loving it and TRUSTING it and myself so much more.

What about you? Do you listen in?

Interesting how that works, isn’t it? When you listen and trust YOURSELF and not only listen to everyone else’s opinions of how and what you should do, your answers come. Always!

I read this today from Seth Godin, “What do you need to learn? What are the skills you don’t have that would make your work more effective”.

That’s a good question. What skill set am I needing right now to get me to the next stage in my life or my career? How can I learn something that would make me more effective?

For me I already know what it is.

Letting go of things that I don’t need to spin my wheels on any more. The small stuff that can be hired out to an hourly virtual assistant so I can focus on what is important in moving the needle in my work… actually COACHING.

That is what I feel the most alive doing and to spin my wheels on an hourly task that can be handled by someone in probably 15 minutes and takes me 2 days… no. Using my time better.

What about you? How can you grow right now? What do you need help with or to learn to grow yourself with a skill or off loading something to someone else so you can focus on your zone of genius?

Share with me, I want to know if I can help you with anything too!


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