Setting up a day with intention and love in my heart

I am one of those people that gets super stoked about new beginnings. I love the promise of the not knowing what to expect, not having a clue as to what to do first, where things are, learning new routines, meeting new co workers (some of whom will hopefully become new friends), making a difference somewhere else by broadening my net and my mind.

What about you? Do you like fresh beginnings?

So, do you remember I said I was starting my new morning routine today (after I had been inspired by my friend who gets up every morning between 3-4 to start his day because HE WANTS TO) and I challenged you to join me? It’s not too late, darlin’.

I set my first alarm for 4:45, snoozed till 5 then the alarm went off and the cat was standing on my side of the bed staring me down. I rolled over and started petting his head, he started purring, I started to close my eyes and doze off again because it relaxes me so much to hear him purr.

NO! Don’t try to trick me, you slippery little red headed devil! I don’t think so! Its a new dawn and a new day and I am keeping my promises to myself to start my life off on a super mellow relaxing note. 1,5 hours before Thomas wakes up so I have ME time before anyone else gets my time.

I am choosing to love myself first and most now, all as a part of my self development transformative journey.  Seriously. You want to join me? You are welcome to join in.

This means I literally sign up to help MYSELF FIRST, I am creating esteemable practices in my life that will keep me on my path of transformation and keep me wanting to create a day and a life that I am super proud to call mine.

We all have morning + daily practices or rituals, whether we think we do or not.

Do you like the ones you have or do you feel you have no control over how your days look? Does everyone else run your life? Who is steering your bus? If its not you, we can change that.

If you don’t like how your day starts, I bet you the rest of your day takes the same course.

Is your life an intentional journey? Do you allow yourself to get the help you need? Do you even ask for the help?

I am a part of the movement of women that decide for themselves, that are being honest, that are gentle and loving, that are open to possibilities, that are tilling the soil in their own garden and taking care of understanding their own needs and wants and then deciding what doesn’t work for them anymore and deciding instead what it is we want to call in.

Proactively thinking what IS working right now and calling in more of that! We are all-ways being held by the collective because we can’t do this alone and we don’t have to!

What kind of magic do you want to create? What kind of a difference do you want to make?

I know I am working on all of these things. Every. Day.

I have a mantra that I say for my morning ritual, “I am open to possibilities”.
I have my word of the week, last weeks was “gentle”. This week is “open” I want to keep my heart and mind open to the possibilities that are always being presented to me.
I light my candle every morning and say my 5 things I am the most grateful for right now.
I hold on to my rock (my talisman) that I found outside of our house that represents stability when I need to get back in balance and get grounded.
I do my 5 triangle breaths to ensure that my nervous system is calm. This is something I can return to at any moment of the day when I need it.
I listen to my morning guided meditation to get my heart centered.
I sit in calm, solitude and gratitude for everything I have in my life and for the abundance that I feel in my heart.

Do you want to be a part of something like this? Do you want to join me?

Remember, as I’ve always said, life is not about what you do, its about who you are.

Your work is important in this world but who you ARE and how you live and how you feel are the absolute most vital part of your life and THAT is where I work. That is who I want to work with. If you are a woman that can appreciate candor and having someone love you because of your honesty and your willingness to change, then we need to get together and start your journey. Get you in the drivers seat of the bus that is a blast to drive.

HAVING FUN again, laughing and ALLOWING it to be easy!

If it’s your time then remember, all you have to do is reach out to me. You know where to find me.