Where are you abandoning your self?

“I am open to new possibilities. Every day, come what may and every opportunity along the way.” (my morning mantra)
Anxiety is a sneaky little devil.
I work daily on recognizing when I SELF ABANDON. Ugh.
Do you? What do you do when you start freaking yourself out? When your brain takes on a whole life of its own and you are spinning off on some random tangent that is only going to get you running to the fridge or that magnum of Cab?
Self Abandonment. This is the biggest trigger for me to put me into an anxious state and only recently have I begun to unpack the feelings I get in my body WHILE feeling anxious.
Ahhh, the more I learn, the more I don’t know. So exciting!
I am becoming more and more aware at least and that’s a great start. #progressnotperfection
The reason I share this with you, that I have some things that create anxiety inside of me, is to show you I AM NOT PERFECT. Are you surprised? 🤣
I am not the coach that is going to tell you I’ve got it all figured out because sister, I am not even close.
What I can say is this .. I’m working on it.
I am working on myself every day and have learned some amazing tools and ways to create a really excellent life that I am super proud of.
And I love to share my lessons (that have taken me years even decades to learn) and help you recognize your patterns and habits quicker. Saving you potentially years of spinning your wheels wondering why things never change for you.
 😘 Where are you on your journey of self recognition? 😘
If you are interested in delving deeper into yourself and your own patterns and CHANGING them … well then, have I got the thing for YOU! 🤩
My 12 week PRIVATE (one on one) LIFE COACHING program, “If not now, then when? A transformative life journey, is starting soon.
If you are tired of saying “one day I will take care of my needs first” then this gentle nudge is for you.
Jump on in, the water is fiiiine. I’ve got you. I will be there with you, holding you safely on your journey within to discover and root out what kind of a life you want now and in your future.
Imagine this…
By December 2021, you can be strutting your stuff at all the holiday parties (possibly virtually but that’s not the point) and feeling like a MILLION BUCKS…
People are going to say, whoah! Why do you look so different? Have you done some ‘work’?
You will be beaming from the INSIDE out and will have lost years off your face and heavy heart.
💥 HOW? WHY?🔥
Because you are going to be working on the INSIDE you.
For potentially the first time in a long time (or ever) you are going to take 12 weeks of your life to go deep inside of yourself and examine YOUR needs and YOUR wants and where you want to be in all of the important parts of your life. The parts that matter.
You are going to start proactively creating the reality you want to create and determining what legacy you want to leave behind.
Having that kind of knowledge in your back pocket (and in your vital soul) makes you look years younger, gives you a pep in your step and MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE to ALL of life’s pleasures, not just wine. Oh, I mean SOME. Did I say wine? My mistake. 😎
The world is your oyster, my dear. Let’s go diving together.
3 spots left. 1 with your name on it.
First come, first served. Offer closes Saturday, August 21st 2021.
Message me here to set up a Discovery Chat, ASAP. Time waits for no woman.
YOUR dreams are worth it. You are worth it. Say NO to anxiety and not knowing what you want and say YES to investing in yourself by vesting in yourself.
Now. Do it. No, really. Do it. Send me a DM now. I am waiting. I will not give up on you. No, I won’t. So just DO IT already! 😘