More moss to the people! The movement is starting!

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The movement … MORE MOSS TO THE PEOPLE…. has a ring to it, right??

My friend (and soul sister) Angela and I are starting it. You are welcome to join us.

Slower living. Present living. Mindful living.

It can start so simply.

Conscious living.

Are you tired of being numb to your day and your life?

The permission for you to SLOW DOWN is granted (in case you were looking for permission, that’s a part of our movement). What can this look like…

How can I chew my food more slowly? How can I appreciate every single sip of my morning coffee? How can I be awake while brushing all of my teeth? How can I enjoy the brush or comb going over my hair and massaging my scalp? How can I feel the lotion soaking into my skin every morning? How can I feel my cat purring under my hand when I am petting him? How can I see the love in my husbands eyes when he asks me “how did you sleep” like he does every morning?

You see where this all starts?

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Think about that. I sure have.

For me it starts with my morning and getting my heart and nerves centered.

How do you start your day? How do you create a day that is set up for peace and calm versus chaos and confusion and running late?

For me it starts with the little things. That truly aren’t little at all. They are actually very big things when you look at them individually.

How can I do more of this? I want more of this good living. How? Look around you, its usually the simplest answer that comes.

To walk in the forest is one of my life’s biggest pleasures and I feel so connected to mother earth, God and MYSELF when I am there.

How can I feel every step I take on the pathway?

How can I see the trees? How can I feel the air on my face? How can I breath in the beauty of everything that is surrounding me if I am not present?

The moss doesn’t grow on the paths. I have to step off the path to enjoy the moss. If you have never walked on moss before I am here to tell you it is so relaxing. There is no noise and it is only soft. Like you are walking on cotton. You want to take your shoes off and feel it under your toes. You want to lie down and let it envelope you and carry you away to a dream land where everything is clean, safe, at peace and where possibilities are endless.

Where there is no frenzy to rush, or to buy, or to work more and harder, the hustle mentality stops as soon as you step off the path. Into the quiet.

How can you create this sort of sanctuary for yourself wherever you are? If you don’t have access to a forest or moss yet you want to feel this sort of freedom?

You can start by creating it in your mind.

You can go into a meditative state where you can picture this place of refuge even if you are sitting on the bus on the way to work in the morning. Its not the actual place that matters, its the ability to transport yourself there wherever you are. Even on a plane or in the middle of a stressful moment at work where you feel like you would like to disconnect for a moment and go elsewhere to gather your thoughts.

Close your eyes. Breathe. Do 5 triangle breaths. Calm your nerves. Belly breathing. Sit at your desk and put your hand on your belly, close your eyes and breathe in for 5, hold for 5, release for 5. Repeat. Do this 5 times. You can return to this breathing practice ANY TIME you feel your nerves are shot or you are reacting in a way that is not pleasant because you are triggered by something.

Sounds so simple yet we forget to do it. Shallow breathing is not your friend.

Back to the forest. Being in the cool forest with the moss under your feet is a true luxury.

You deserve luxury. And this luxury is FREE.

Its not one more thing to consume. Its not one more thing to have that your neighbour has that you feel you should also have because it’s going to make you look or feel a certain way (spoiler alert, it won’t).

How can you create this in your own world? How are you willing to see this slower way of life is actually the answer to many of our problems?

Our world will either continue to spin faster and faster and our heads will eventually just pop off from the pressure we put on ourselves orrrrrrrrrr we can start to consider that we hold our own answers… right inside the quiet of our hearts.

Come. Join our movement. The movement towards stillness and presence.

Tell me… what you are willing to do this week to slow down your spin?