What about your life needs to be challenged right now?

Viktor Frankl quote

Where do you need to change something inside of yourself? Challenge to change ourselves.

I spent a lot of my younger years drowning out my inner voice with external numbing devices like keeping myself super busy, listening to the ‘news’, listening to the radio, listening to everyone else’s ideas of what I should do with my life and how to get myself out of the situations that I created for myself.
Always looking outside for inside answers.
My ‘intentional journey within’ started when I left the noise, left the opinions and thoughts of the commentators standing on the sideline of my life and took a year sabbatical (unintended at the time) but critical nonetheless.
The year was 2011. The year I moved back to Sweden.
10 years has passed and every day I STILL learn more and more about myself. I’m still doing the work and I will be for the rest of my life.
I WANT to see myself from other perspectives. I WANT to continue my work to be a better person.
I try to learn from my mistakes, and there have been plenty. And I try not to make the same mistakes again. #workinprogress
Some people ask me if I get tired of spending so much time looking into my own self at my own actions and reactions to see where I can get better.
I say No.
The greatest gift and investment I can ever give to myself (and the world) is to continue to do this work and to grow as a human… because everyone grows from that.
And the cherry to top this all off is that I get to SHARE this gift, that is my journey and truth, with my beautiful clients as I lead them on their journeys towards their truth! You see??? It never ends!!
I couldn’t have said this any better myself and I am taking this quote from Jonathan Fields from his book ‘Sparked’ when he describes me, the Advisor….
“When you and those you seek to guide step into the realm of exquisite attention, something on the level of magic unfolds. There is an immediate sense of ease, an experience of shared knowing, of seeing and being seen and heard, witnessed and held. It is safe and also alive with trust and truth. In this space exists grace. A moment of shared recognition. Without even offering a single word of advice, insight, framework, or plan of action, the very experience of exquisite attention is transformative.”
Are you looking for this type of experience? Do you crave and thrive when you receive exquisite attention?
Then reach out to me. We might just need to work together.