April 2022

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Yes, please!

No more hiding our heads in the sand, ladies! Never again.

I don’t need anyone, I can fix this myself… famous last words.

Just the facts, ma’am. According to the ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study (GCAS) 2017, common results of coaching are: – 42% improved communication – 40% increase in self-confidence – 39% increase in productivity – 38% optimized performance (team performance) – 34% increased work-life balance Hellllooooo. What part of that doesn’t sound amazing?! Do you want

11 years in Sweden … would I do it all again?

Today marks the 11 year anniversary of me (and Steve) moving back to Sweden. 🇸🇪  💕 Would I do it all again? Would I do it differently? What one decision can you make today that could change the trajectory of your life forever? 💗  

Your time to UPGRADE is now. Let’s go.