I don’t need anyone, I can fix this myself… famous last words.

Just the facts, ma’am.

According to the ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study (GCAS) 2017, common results of coaching are:
– 42% improved communication
– 40% increase in self-confidence
– 39% increase in productivity
– 38% optimized performance (team performance)
– 34% increased work-life balance

Hellllooooo. What part of that doesn’t sound amazing?!

  • Do you want to learn how to find your voice again? Speak up for yourself? You feel like your throat is always closing up when you get into the same conversations over and over with your boss, co-worker, partner, kids and you continue to NOT say anything. Your throat is closing because you are not SPEAKING your truth. I can help you with that.
  • Your self confidence is in the crapper because every one else around you seems to be getting raises, promotions, new cars, bigger houses and all the right invitations. But not you. No, everyone keeps looking past you. Why? It’s your issue. You don’t take any place. You don’t own your own right to be sitting at the table. I can help you with that.
  • You sit and stare at the wall when you should be working, don’t know where to start. Or you get crazed and are spinning 50 plates at one time and then nothing gets done with any quality behind it. Why do you think that is? Because your world is spinning faster and faster around you and you have to keep up to move ahead. No, you don’t. You need to slow down and go within to evaluate the importance of what it is you actually want to do. I can help you with that.
  • Working in a team that can be either at your work, in your home, within your family… how do you feel you act and react when you are in the midst of something that requires ‘all hands on deck’. How do YOU handle yourself? Do you shut down, let others fix it all or do you stand up and rise up? I can help you with that.
  • If you work yourself to the bone because the world will then see you as a person of value, you will find the world won’t miss you when you get sick or drop dead. Your work won’t miss you, because they will replace you. Your family will miss you but they will be angry because you made a choice. You sure did, just not the right one. I can help you with this.

Working with me allows you the time and space to reflect, deep dive into YOUR drivers. We get sucked into a vortex of all kinds of things that may not suit us any more. Not really. We are just so used to being how we’ve always been and the role fits us… or so we think.

Until it doesn’t.

If you know you are just rolling along in your life then I can bet you you are closing your eyes to something. Let me help open your eyes. You deserve more and I can help you create more.



Eye see you…