October 2022

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Yes, please!

Heart on my sleeve. Zero sign ups for our Retreat so far… so what do we need to do?

  Something different, obviously! We needed to ask for advice. Ask for new eyes on our work thus far. Going into Observer mode and pull back so we can ‘see’ more clearly. Advice was … there’s no clear plan or map of the day so maybe people don’t know what to expect. Ok! Yeah! 😵‍💫

If I weren’t hosting this day, I’d want to COME to this event! :)

Text from Yvonne Jansson of  SJÄLVLEDARSKAP on her Facebook business page, in Swedish: Har du också tänkt länge? Borde göra, borde sätta igång. Har inte tid just nu! Det mest utmanade är att inget lugnar ner sig. Att inte bli en kopia och gå in i en flockmentalitet, för alla tror det är kört. Det

Quick tour of Hem till Gården, the location of our ‘Retreat into Yourself’ day

Welcome on a quick tour of the space where we will be hosting our Retreat into Yourself day on 11/11-2022 from 9.30 – 16.00. Hem till Gården (Lilla Stallet) is where we will be sitting, working + communing. There is space for us all around the table to have deep conversations and to be moved

The eclipse and the time is now to strip away untruth’s.

Right now, today, is the eclipse and an excellent time to strip away old ways and untruths that don’t serve you. I am witnessing change and triggers in myself, as of late, and I am writing them down and burning them… today… of all days. #donotdelay The Tower card that I pulled today represents anyone that

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. (OMG, I laugh because I said this!)

How are you supporting (Inter) National Women’s Small Businesses in your neck of the woods? I have an idea for you if you are anywhere near Västerås, Sweden on 11/11-2022! Even if you’re not, you still have time to book your flights, start driving, get on a train, or even start walking. Come join Yvonne

Tarot Reading: Look at the stars … look how they shine.

3 card tarot card reading for today, Friday, October 21st 2022. How can we reconnect with ourselves? What do we need to re-member? What do we need to re-consider? What do we need to re-build? As the person you are today, what is your North Star? What are you doing this all for? WHO are