Quick tour of Hem till Gården, the location of our ‘Retreat into Yourself’ day

Welcome on a quick tour of the space where we will be hosting our Retreat into Yourself day on 11/11-2022 from 9.30 – 16.00.

Hem till Gården (Lilla Stallet) is where we will be sitting, working + communing.

There is space for us all around the table to have deep conversations and to be moved closer to our own clarity.

Why you? Because you are OVER being somebody to everybody else. How about you have your own back and take a minute (or this day) to sit, hear yourself THINK, FEEL yourself FEEL, be able to write your thoughts, release some old untruths that don’t serve you any more. And ask yourself the question, ‘What do I want next’?

Why this? This day is your day to literally take a load off and re-connect with your own dreams. You know this… the older we get the faster our life goes. The faster our life goes the more we just react to the circumstances around us. But what if we want to press pause for a day and just stop this ride of hectic-ness in order to calm down our central nervous system enough to be able to FEEL what we want next for ourselves instead of reacting to life? This is the day for that.

Why us? Yvonne and I have over 129 years on this planet and we have lifetimes of experiences and stories to share with you. How we’ve stumbled (you’re not alone), picked ourselves back up and are still choosing to show up every day in order to learn (and talk about) WHO we want to be when we grow up.

Why now? Why NOT now?! How much time do you think you have? How many of your elders do you hear say, “I wish I would have done more to take care of myself when I had the chance”. Don’t be that person. Don’t delay in taking care of the most important person in your life. YOU.

Remember, all ‘masks’ get left at the door and there is no room for perfectionism. 😊

Sign up by DM’ing me here. You have until Monday, October 31st to reserve your spot.

Åsa and Yvonne

P.S. Thank you to @thereseeri for the Tree of Beliefs prompts. Du är bäst.