The eclipse and the time is now to strip away untruth’s.

Right now, today, is the eclipse and an excellent time to strip away old ways and untruths that don’t serve you.

I am witnessing change and triggers in myself, as of late, and I am writing them down and burning them… today… of all days. #donotdelay

The Tower card that I pulled today represents anyone that is listening to this. The time is now to re-write, re-imagine, re-new and re-lease.

We are being called to transform.

We are also being called to rest and recuperate. And to breathe in what you do want, breathe out what you don’t.

Come join us in a day of this kind of conversation … 11/11-2022, Retreat into Yourself, Västerås, Sweden.

Link in bio with more specifics.

You are so welcome.

Åsa and Yvonne