Hey there, Gorgeous!

I am so glad you found your way into my world. Welcome!

You might be wondering who it is I help and if that person is you. I can say with almost no doubts in my heart that if you are here, then you are my kinda gal.

I help fun loving mid-lifers solve the lifelong quandary of “Am I Enough” and FINALLY stop back-bending to accommodate everyone else FIRST so she can stop wasting one more single second of her precious life.

My industry: Self Realization

My Category: Deep-Dive Coaching

My Special Expertise: Helping you see yourself from a completely different perspective, mine.

My audience: Any wild woman who LOVES to laugh (at herself and her mistakes) and truly knows she is evolving into a deeper, enriching, fulfilling and love-filled life. ❣

Now here is the official bio…

About Åsa Nilsson

Åsa Nilsson is a trained and certified Life + Business Coach who self identifies as a Spiritual Muse + Emotional Fix-It Woman.

She works with amazingly brilliant, gifted, talented, soulful women who are looking for some structure and more importantly DEEPER MEANING AND PURPOSE in their lives.

Helping women look at, and question, some of their biggest and deepest regrets is something Åsa loves to do. Asking heartfelt questions so the shell of life’s hurts can be chiseled away … one bit at a time.

Deep, soulful, spiritual connections are what drive her.

Through building loving relationships and connections via a solid community of huge hearted individuals, Åsa freely shares her energy, insights, soul, spiritual inspirations and magnanimous love for all life with everyone who come into her circle.

When Åsa’s not coaching  you can find her walking in the Swedish forest connecting with Spirit, pulling tarot cards, sitting on the moss laden rocks contemplating life’s wonders (Åsa is working on a new movement to bring slower living back into the world, “More Moss to the People” – more to come on that),  reading many self-development and inspirational books to share with her clients (and learn from), listening to podcasts, supporting friends and strangers the world over, cooking and eating delicious meals and enjoying yummy red wine with the love of her life, Thomas while their big orange tabby (Elvis) looks on.

Åsa loves to discover the world and new cultures, visiting with friends and family and making new friends wherever she goes… both two legged AND four.

“People often times are so caught up in their own struggles that we need somebody to just cut to the chase and give us that firm, yet gentle, nudge in the directions that is going to help us steer our lives in the direction of success! Åsa is very gifted in this and I can only thank her for helping me do just that!” – Anita V.

“Thank you …Thank you Asa! May all the blessings you bestow on others be returned to you 7 times over.” – Mary C.

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What’s my story?

Instead of giving you my bio of qualifications, I will instead share some deets on me as a human being.

10 Facts about my life that will give you a better picture than a resume:

  1. I was born in Sweden and raised in the U.S. Moved to the US with my family when I was 5 and always knew it was my life’s dream to move back to Sweden “one day”. Of course I thought that one day would be when I retired but it became when I was 43.
  2. My previous career choices were always “safe” and carried with them very black and white vibrations. Banking, sales, management, residential real estate sales, administration in a primary school, human resources, and work environment officer. I always enjoyed helping others, however, it was always under the direction of “bosses”.  Now being my own boss I am living my dream and I feel more alive and passionate about life than ever. Even after the age of 50!
  3. I have a healthy “fascination” for knowing the truth and for hearing and speaking the truth. Even when it ain’t pretty.  I love to know what is really going on in the background of a story and to see and hear how someone ticks.
  4. I have a freakish personality trait where I love to organize things, thoughts, ideas and people. I like to put things in order and to look at them in compartments. It is a natural thing for me to do and that is probably why it has always been easy and enjoyable to help people look at their problems my whole life.  Hence my career path rolling into formal coaching.
  5. I have an obsession with food. Eating it. Thinking about it. Cooking it with friends and family. I wake up fantasizing about breakfast. That’s normal, right??
  6. I have very expensive tastes and a very frugal mind, I love simple elegance (in style, fashion and personality), I love reading a good book and drinking a cup of hot tea, I love to travel in first class and not have to pay for it (upgrades!), I have never met a stranger, I say hello to everyone, I pick up garbage when I walk because I hate litter, I love all animals and believe they all deserve love, shelter, food and to be honoured.
  7. Starting to do the “deep and intensive” work on myself when I turned 50 proved to be (one of) the best choices I have ever made. Seeing the real me, working on all parts of me and letting go of some VERY limiting thoughts, beliefs and blocks that I had been carrying far too long has helped me tremendously. Now I like to share that knowledge with others through my coaching. I am an extroverted introvert and a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Knowing and acknowledging this allows me the freedom to navigate my life, career, relationships and family better now.
  8. My Life Path in Numerology is a Number 2 and that’s the Mediator. I am a Number 2 in the Enneagram, the Helper. My I love tarot cards, astrology, learning more cool things about spiritual divination yet I am SUPER practical and down to earth. You can say I have both feet firmly planted on the ground and both hands up to the sky.
  9. My love, Thomas, and I have been in each others lives since we were 5 years old. We were in the same pre-school class together in Sweden. We re-connected 2 times as adults but only during family visits and then in 2009 I met him at a mutual family members wedding and I fell instantly in love with him. So strange. It was as though I saw him for the first time. He and I now live in his family home in the same town I lived in when I was 5 years old. The circle is complete. Small world, huh?
  10. I am an overall chill, happy person that loves to connect deeply with authentic and real people who want to make the world a better place by actually helping out when they see there is a need. I love to hang out, eat good food, drink red wine and talk about deep things … like FEELINGS, spirituality, Law of Attraction (all the universal laws), women and money, cultural differences, dreams, great books. Discussing world hatred and politics is NEVER my thing and I will run from the conversation… take my glass of wine and high tail it out of there and connect with someone sitting by themselves in the corner. That’s my style. Much rather sit and dote on that person than listen to that other crap.

So, that’s a bit about me. Am I the kind of woman you’d like to work with? I can tell you, we WILL have fun so be ready to be real, raw and READY for change.

In my opinion, a deep relationship takes time to build

A foundation built on trust and mutual understanding.

If you want to meet me, reach out. You are welcome to look at my videos on my BLOG page as well. That will also give you an idea of who I am and how I coach.

I love my life’s work and it is an honour when I am trusted to help you. I don’t take it lightly and it is with pleasure that I do it.

If you can relate to my message and my story, let’s connect.