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Yes, please!

Will you choose FREEDOM over DISAPPOINTMENT?

Imagine choosing FREEDOM over DISAPPOINTMENT? Can you stay curious enough to choose to feel guilt over resentment? Choosing discomfort for a minute versus anger for a lifetime? Where can you choose freedom in your own heart even if you end up disappointing someone else today? Establishing your own boundaries based on your own wants and

What about your life needs to be challenged right now?

I spent a lot of my younger years drowning out my inner voice with external numbing devices like keeping myself super busy, listening to the ‘news’, listening to the radio, listening to everyone else’s ideas of what I should do with my life and how to get myself out of the situations that I created

Starting your day with a coffee and a cig?

Morning ceremonies and rituals How do you start your day? With a coffee and a cig? 😎 Not judging, did it myself for years. These days, however, I choose something else. I decided I didn’t want my nerves to be shot before I even left the house in the morning so something needed to ‘give’.

Looking for the evidence…


Story Time: How I became a life coach and every other sort of coach :)

How I show up in my business is fluid, to say the least. There are so many areas that interest me. So many things that I love to learn. So much to learn in so little time. When I was in college, I couldn’t wait to “get out in the real world” and start discovering

Do you have the Disease to Please?

  Do you have the DISEASE TO PLEASE?  Also known as ‘co-dependency’? God knows, I do! But not for much longer. Awareness is the first step and sister, I am working on it now that I am aware of it. Terri Cole (a psychotherapist) does a great job talking about boundaries and SETTING THEM and determining

More moss to the people! The movement is starting!

(Photo of moss courtesy of The movement … MORE MOSS TO THE PEOPLE…. has a ring to it, right?? My friend (and soul sister) Angela and I are starting it. You are welcome to join us. Slower living. Present living. Mindful living. It can start so simply. Conscious living. Are you tired of being

Where are you abandoning your self?

“I am open to new possibilities. Every day, come what may and every opportunity along the way.” (my morning mantra) Anxiety is a sneaky little devil. I work daily on recognizing when I SELF ABANDON. Ugh. Do you? What do you do when you start freaking yourself out? When your brain takes on a whole

Setting up a day with intention and love in my heart

I am one of those people that gets super stoked about new beginnings. I love the promise of the not knowing what to expect, not having a clue as to what to do first, where things are, learning new routines, meeting new co workers (some of whom will hopefully become new friends), making a difference

How does my CAT know how to get what he wants better than I do!?

Happy Friday Gorgeous! Elvis, the King, is giving me the stare down as I write this since he wants something. Presumably it’s food. Again. Or to go outside. For the 100th time today. This is a cat that knows what he wants. Seriously. He has no qualms about standing right in front of me, or