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Yes, please!

Mercury in Retrograde + when will I stop needing to PERFORM to feel purposeful??

What are you most afraid others might decide, think or figure out about you? (Amy Eliza Wong)

(Book: Living on Purpose, Amy Eliza Wong).

Why I come to the Swedish forest to re-connect

You ready? Here we go! My newest FUNNEST offer yet! Grab a spot now.

How to STOP hating to sell … consider this …

WHOAH! It’s already mid 2022 – Goal Setting using a “Wheel of Life”

Happy Tuesday, sweet love! Hard to believe the first time I wrote this blog post it was coming up on the year 2018 and there were so many shifts happening in and around me then… too! HA! The only thing constant is change, yeah? In only a few weeks I am going to be celebrating

No more hiding our heads in the sand, ladies! Never again.

I don’t need anyone, I can fix this myself… famous last words.

Just the facts, ma’am. According to the ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study (GCAS) 2017, common results of coaching are: – 42% improved communication – 40% increase in self-confidence – 39% increase in productivity – 38% optimized performance (team performance) – 34% increased work-life balance Hellllooooo. What part of that doesn’t sound amazing?! Do you want

11 years in Sweden … would I do it all again?

Today marks the 11 year anniversary of me (and Steve) moving back to Sweden. 🇸🇪  💕 Would I do it all again? Would I do it differently? What one decision can you make today that could change the trajectory of your life forever? 💗  

Your time to UPGRADE is now. Let’s go.