Speaking (live + virtual + podcast + radio)

Never had I given it any thought that I really wanted to ‘come out’ to the world in a more pubic way with my messaging. So why now?

In 2020 I set an intention that in 2021 I wanted to start doing public speaking.

Then within a week of setting this intention, I received an email from a woman I had never met who had found my website and liked how I spoke and what I stood for. Her group of 800 women members were located all over the world but we would be meeting in Stockholm (it ended up being virtual due to COVID but that worked superbly as well)!

Then a few weeks after that, I receive a phone call asking me to come and speak LIVE for 80 staff members at a school that were coming back after a very long 2020. The topic I came up with was to start with some storytelling about my life and who I was and how I became to be who I am today. I also wanted to share real life advice and tips on how to equip themselves for their own success by knowing who they are and what they stand for. Then with that knowledge understanding and seeing their piece in the ‘whole’.

So, would I like to be a part of something like that? HELL YES! I would LOVE to do that!!

And so it began.

This journey is new and I absolutely LOVE IT.

Through sharing my story, I help others to see that they can come up with their OWN WAY and their OWN WHY… and seeing that taking accountability for ‘self’ is where their answers lie.

It’s an inside job, after all.


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Åsa and having her do a presentation for my colleagues. From the very beginning, her enthusiastic attitude and professional expertise contributed an insightful and beneficial discussion with my coworkers. So much positive feedback came from her presentation and people have been asking about when she can come back and work more with us. Her genuine and heartfelt concern for the wellbeing of others permeated her every word and resonated with each person who was part of the discussion and self-reflective activities. I very much look forward to working with Åsa again in the future and having her share her insights and guidance.” – Eric Winkler

“I recently had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by the wonderful Åsa Nilsson! It was an eye opening experience!! The aim of the talk was to provide us with a dedicated opportunity to become still and really think about our lives… to think about the level of happiness and fulfillment we experience daily in our personal life, our work environment and well as our friendships. These aspects of our lives so easily get lost and placed on the back burner in the endless rush of living in a modern world that can be so demanding on our time. So much so that even when we do experience a small lightbulb or aha moment it gets drowned out by the white noise of rushing from point A to point B. We rarely stop to think if all this rushing is actually getting us anywhere closer to the place we want to be in.This is what I took away from my time with Åsa!  Am I actually chasing after the opportunities and achievements that I want or need in my life or am I chasing after things that benefit someone other than myself? I learned that it is ok to put myself and my own needs first. Thank you Åsa!! Anita VDM

Kenneth Johnsson





Women in Science

“At Women in Science (WiS), we are a diverse group of women all working towards the upliftment of women around us. We were planning a big online event on zoom for our members, dedicated for everyone to come out of their shells and start the new year on a positive note. It was around this time that I came across Åsa’s website, and was instantly enthralled, and could not help but invite her to kickstart our event with motivating talk. She spoke about unapologetically being our true selves, and gave examples from her own life, thus setting the tone for the whole event. The whole session was a healthy balance of humorous storytelling, motivational aspects and being interactive with the audience. Her energy and the ever-smiling face was contagious even from across the screen. I believe I speak for all of us at the event when I say that she left a part of her with us, with a more positive outlook towards our own selves. We really appreciated Åsa taking out the time for us, and helping in making the event a success with her tailormade talk. “  – Nayanika Bhalla
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