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Yes, please!

Tell me more about this thing called Life Coaching…

When did you stop putting your mask on first? Probably soon after you started your adult life. When you started ‘adulting’. Ugh.

Do you ever feel like being an adult is totally overrated? Why can’t we just go back to being selfish little bitches like when we were teenagers?!

That’s when life was easier. Ahhh, the good ole’ days.

But were they? I mean, if we actually looked back on those times, was life really that great then? Yeah, we didn’t have to pay the house bills or make dinner for the family or drive everyone around but those times came with their own issues. Insecurity. Acne. Smelling weird. Body hair.

It’s a good thing THOSE days are over. Right? I mean, they are over. Right??! HAHAHA!

So what’s a ‘MATURE’ girl to do if she hasn’t taken real good care of her own needs these past few decades (ahem)?

What if the tables were turned a bit too long ago and you don’t even remember what it is that lights you up any more (besides watching hours and hours of Netflix to get lost in the crazy world of Good Girls. And what a deceiving title THAT was!).

Then it’s time you get VESTED in yourself again by INVESTING in yourself.

It’s time to re-ignite the spark inside of your beautiful soul, dear you. Yes, it is SO YOUR TIME.

If you are yearning for a RE-INVENTION then let me be your anchor, or better yet, your CONSIGLIERE (counsellor in Italian).

(Cue Italian mafia music).

Picture me in a wide brimmed hat, smoking a sexy looking cig at a small table (no, I don’t actually smoke but its for the effect) when you slide up, sit down, grab the cig out of my hand and start smoking it yourself! YES! Then the magic happens… you open up and start sharing all of your deepest desires.

You know the CONSIGLIERE NEVER shares your stories. NEVER goes behind your back and tells the ‘family’ what you are up to or what you want.

That’s for you to do.

I am your mirror. I am your confidant. I am the sage advisor that will challenge you with your own stories, your own words, your own truths.

With one goal in mind…

For you to create a life that you are proud of so you can leave the legacy you desire.

“If not now, then when?”

Life Coaching Package, 90 days 


Go do it!